Another Update

Hello there friends,

I’m still pretty busy with my current band called RÁN, but I think it’s important to summarize what is next on the agenda of the Ninth Circle Alliance.

Black Mesa Preservation Society

Yes, the venerable beast that is BMPS. Yes, it’s dead, but there are still tracks there that deserve distribution and an audience. I’ll be fixing those tracks up and I will rerecord them. I’ll release them in a collection called “BMPS, a retrospective” (or something in similar vain). I’ll release it through Distrokid, so you guys will have access to them from everywhere.

More songs

I still have lots of tracks that need some attention. When I’m done with RÁN for a while and have some time to spare, I’ll record and release those songs as singles, just like Hymn and Wings. I’ll eventually compile these into a full length (of course I will level-match all the tracks to overcome production volume differences)

Your input

The Ninth Circle Alliance is more than just one person slowly releasing music. An alliance of one is nary an alliance at all. My alliance is with you! Tell me your plans. What would you like? Tell me your deepest musical desires. :)


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Emiel Kollof is a metalhead that will create music when in his element.