NCA Update #1

Hey there people!

I guess I should give this a go again. Updates on what the Ninth Circle is doing is probably something you would appreciate if you want to know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to support me.

My plans for the coming weeks/months (expect some slippage due to holiday season):

  • Re-release all the BMPS tracks as a Ninth Circle Alliance project. If there are ever new BMPS tracks released, they will be released under the Ninth Circle Alliance banner. This gives me flexibility when it comes to getting artists to cooperate that already have access to the material. But basically, anything that is “gamer-metal”-oriented (that is to say, music I release that has gamer-oriented subject matter), will be released under the BMPS name.
  • Re-mix/master older ‘finished’ tracks. I already remastered “Hymn of Belial” and released that with Distrokid. Expect many more to come.
  • Create/Outsource artwork for those tracks. Distrokid wants a specific artwork format (JPEG, 3000×3000 pixels), so I will have to create suitable artwork.

Don’t forget, if you dig what I’m doing, and want to support me (and motivate me to do more), then please consider becoming one of my Patreons.


Emiel Kollof Written by:

Emiel Kollof is a metalhead that will create music when in his element.