Hate does not discriminate

True hatred doesn’t give a shit about what you are.

Solo by Rico Snel of Chaosity. Many thanks for that peace of awesome!

When you bleed your blood flows red
Let me squeeze your throat so tight
I will be glad when you are dead
My hatred for you will show it’s might

I will crush your skull regardless
what you are I care nothing for
I hate you just the same as always
drag your corpse out of the door


I care not, ‘cuz
hate does not discriminate


I don’t hate your sexual preference
I don’t hate your tone of skin
I don’t hate your stupid religion
I just hate you because you exist

Man has devolved, they are retarded
Where can I find the Overman?
How can I stand on the shoulders of giants?
When all I see is whimpering idiots

Get out of my face before I scorn you
Why are you wasting my precious air?
You are a waste of carbon atoms
I am your horror, I am your nightmare


I will crush your skull regardless
You are what I most abhor
I think you’re just organic garbage
Your death is what I’m waiting for

I care not, cuz
hate does not discriminate


When you bleed
you bleed red
when I hit…
you feel pain…
when I cut…
you will wound…
in the end…
you’ll be dead!

Emiel Kollof Written by:

Emiel Kollof is a metalhead that will create music when in his element.