Wings of Hatred

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From ashes I rise
Anew from the flames
I take to the skies
On wings made of hatred

Free from the lies
Facing the truth

Against the current
Opposite direction
Icarus chasing
Not burning away

I found myself and I was left wanting
I looked around and felt disillusioned
Man turned to sheep
Following blindly
No will of their own
Like lambs to the slaughter

From ashes I rise
Anew from the flames
I take to the skies
On wings made of hatred

Free from the lies
Facing the truth

Against the current
Opposite direction
Despite resistance
I conquer the day

I harken the time,
Of man and hyperborean
I now see the shame,
Of weak and limpid wills
Caring about feelings
Avoid confrontation
No critical thought
No critical mind

NCA Update #1

Hey there people!

I guess I should give this a go again. Updates on what the Ninth Circle is doing is probably something you would appreciate if you want to know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to support me.

My plans for the coming weeks/months (expect some slippage due to holiday season):

  • Re-release all the BMPS tracks as a Ninth Circle Alliance project. If there are ever new BMPS tracks released, they will be released under the Ninth Circle Alliance banner. This gives me flexibility when it comes to getting artists to cooperate that already have access to the material. But basically, anything that is “gamer-metal”-oriented (that is to say, music I release that has gamer-oriented subject matter), will be released under the BMPS name.
  • Re-mix/master older ‘finished’ tracks. I already remastered “Hymn of Belial” and released that with Distrokid. Expect many more to come.
  • Create/Outsource artwork for those tracks. Distrokid wants a specific artwork format (JPEG, 3000×3000 pixels), so I will have to create suitable artwork.

Don’t forget, if you dig what I’m doing, and want to support me (and motivate me to do more), then please consider becoming one of my Patreons.


BMPS – Black Mesa Preservation Society


In a world that is connected
we look around for servers
we visit and we own you
we never have relented

worlds apart but equal
waiting for the sequel
practicing and wailing
see you always failing

Gotta get that rank up
Gotta get that headshot
Gotta bag that achievement
Gotta nail that boss down

we love this thing called gaming
we play until our fingers bleed
we can take all of your blaming
you’ll have your fun until we meet

We are the guys that will show you the skills
and we’ll teach you how the games are played
we don’t fuck around,
you’ll end up so clowned
you be wishing that you were us instead

We are the guys that will teabag your ass
as we headshot your sorry char-ac-ter
we line up our shot
and the action is hot
as we put the bullet through your head

Can we get a new map please?
I spilled beer all over my keys!

We are the guys that will raid all your stuff
as we laugh at your silly ass demise
we raided that shit
and we never will quit.
as we loot everything where you once stood

We are the men that will grief all your builds
as we explode everything that we can see,
we have TNT
and we’ll not leave you be
watch your server shit itself again

Can we get a moshpit please?
Fuck things up just like a disease!


Hate does not discriminate

True hatred doesn’t give a shit about what you are.

Solo by Rico Snel of Chaosity. Many thanks for that peace of awesome!

When you bleed your blood flows red
Let me squeeze your throat so tight
I will be glad when you are dead
My hatred for you will show it’s might

I will crush your skull regardless
what you are I care nothing for
I hate you just the same as always
drag your corpse out of the door

I care not, ‘cuz
hate does not discriminate

I don’t hate your sexual preference
I don’t hate your tone of skin
I don’t hate your stupid religion
I just hate you because you exist

Man has devolved, they are retarded
Where can I find the Overman?
How can I stand on the shoulders of giants?
When all I see is whimpering idiots

Get out of my face before I scorn you
Why are you wasting my precious air
You are a waste of carbon atoms
I am your horror, I am your nightmare

I will crush your skull regardless
You are what I most abhor
I think you’re just organic garbage
Your death is what I’m waiting for

I care not, cuz
hate does not discriminate


When you bleed…
you bleed red…
when I hit…
you feel pain…
when I cut…
you will wound…
in the end…
you’ll be dead…

Hymn of Belial

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It’s you that controls your destiny.

I come forth from your fear of doubt
cognitive dissonance in my wake
fallacy upon fallacy that you shout
the shackles of thought that I will break

Satan, my example, has set me free
questioning and testing everything in my path
you call me evil, Satanist, your enemy
my arguments and deeds incur your wrath

Your head swims in lies told in your youth
indoctrination, submission, blind faith and abuse
you have been shielded from the terrible truth
this dogma of lies that I will always accuse

Lucifer, freedom is the highest goal
Belial, his own master, the power of Will
Leviathan, owner of his own soul
Satanist , to die is to stand still

I curse the people that enslave
by lies and untruth that they commit
I curse the fear that digs the grave
of freedom and sin they won’t permit

I am the epitome of living life
as I fill my existence with things of joy
I fear no afterlife, I fear no strife
I create what I love and what I hate I destroy