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March 19 / / News
Hello there friends, I’m still pretty busy with my current band called RÁN, but I think it’s important to summarize what is next on the agenda of the Ninth Circle Alliance. Black Mesa Preservation Society Yes, the venerable beast that is BMPS. Yes, it’s dead, but there are still tracks there that deserve distribution and an audience. I’ll be fixing those tracks up and I will rerecord them. I’ll release them in a collection called “BMPS, a retrospective” (or something in similar vain).
November 30 / / News
Hey there people! I guess I should give this a go again. Updates on what the Ninth Circle is doing is probably something you would appreciate if you want to know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to support me. My plans for the coming weeks/months (expect some slippage due to holiday season): Re-release all the BMPS tracks as a Ninth Circle Alliance project. If there are ever new BMPS tracks released, they will be released under the Ninth Circle Alliance banner.