Hymn of Belial

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It’s you that controls your destiny.

I come forth from your fear of doubt
cognitive dissonance in my wake
fallacy upon fallacy that you shout
the shackles of thought that I will break

Satan, my example, has set me free
questioning and testing everything in my path
you call me evil, Satanist, your enemy
my arguments and deeds incur your wrath


Your head swims in lies told in your youth
indoctrination, submission, blind faith and abuse
you have been shielded from the terrible truth
this dogma of lies that I will always accuse


Lucifer, freedom is the highest goal
Belial, his own master, the power of Will
Leviathan, owner of his own soul
Satanist , to die is to stand still

I curse the people that enslave
by lies and untruth that they commit
I curse the fear that digs the grave
of freedom and sin they won’t permit

I am the epitome of living life
as I fill my existence with things of joy
I fear no afterlife, I fear no strife
I create what I love and what I hate I destroy

Emiel Kollof Written by:

Emiel Kollof is a metalhead that will create music when in his element.